Lake Moraine- This is at the top of the rock pile


Lake Moraine- This is how blue the water looks in person!!




Lake Moraine


Look at these views from the Fairmont 😍


Lake Louise from the hiking trail


Lake Louise




Saltlik’s Patio. I loved all the flowers.

Mike and I traveled to Lake Louise, Canada for our 1 year anniversary in July. To say Lake Louise was gorgeous would be a true understatement. I would HIGHLY recommend going to Lake Louise in July as the weather was perfect (60s in the morning and then 70s/80s during the day) Everyone I talked to that had been to Lake Louise before had all said how beautiful and picturesque Lake Louise was. But I feel like the pictures don’t even do it justice and this is definitely a place you have to travel to and see for yourself.

To get to Lake Louise, you first have to fly into the Calgary Airport. From there, it is about a 2 hour drive from Calgary to Lake Louise. Mike and I rented a car since most places in the Banff/ Lake Louise area you need to drive to.

Mike and I chose to stay in Banff, rather than Lake Louise, since the hotels were more affordable and Banff has more of a “downtown” vibe to it. There are a ton of shops and restaurants in downtown Banff.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 9.55.22 AM Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise: This hotel is beautiful!! It is right on Lake Louise, which means that you can wake up, come downstairs and be at the Lake within minutes.  If you can afford it I would highly recommend.

Banff Ptarmigan Inn: If you’d prefer to stay in Banff, this hotel is right on the main strip of hotels. It is super cute and so close to all the shopping and restaurants that are in town.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 9.55.28 AM  Earls: This is a chain but it was one of Mike and I’s fav restaurants we ate at. They had American style food and their drinks were awesome. We came during happy hour and it was great.

Saltlik Banff: Mike and I came here one night and were able to eat outside on their patio. It was so pretty and the food was good too. Would recommend sitting outside

Beavertails: This was my favorite place we went to in Banff. Beavertails are like a funnel cake with different toppings you can put on top. So yummy! Mike and I may have gone here multiple times because it was so good! Our favorite was the beavertail topped with nutella.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 9.55.34 AM Moraine Lake: This was one of my favorite spots we went to. The water is SO blue and there is a bunch to do here. Mike and I hiked around the lake, took a canoe ride and climbed the rock pile. I would definitely recommend getting there early, though!! It gets super crowded early on, so it’s best to arrive early (like 7AM) to try to avoid crowds.

Lake Louise: This was another favorite of mine. Pictures don’t do justice to how blue the water is. You can take a canoe on lake, as well. Mike and I decided not to, since we canoed on Lake Moraine instead. There are also hiking trails here and the Fairmont to check out. This is another spot I would highly recommend getting to early to try to avoid the crowds as much as possible.

Lake Agnes Teahouse: This is at the top of the hiking trail located at Lake Louise. It is totally worth the hike and the views. You’re able to see the crystal blue water as you’re walking up. The food at the teahouse is good too and all of it is made fresh.

Johnston Canyon: Mike and I came here after a long day of hiking, so I was already pretty tired by the time we got here. There are a bunch of different hiking trails, though. There is a hidden cave at Johnston Canyon. I so wish we would’ve gone to it while we were there, but I was so tired that we only did one hike and then left.

Banff: This is such a cute little town. It has a bunch of shops and restaurants so there is a ton to do there. Mike and I would walk around after dinner and checkout all the different things this town had to offer.

I would love to hear your fav spots if you’ve had the chance to go to Banff/Lake Louise. This is probably one of my favorite places I’ve ever traveled to. Thanks for following along.

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