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Hi Guys,

Now that it is the new year I know a lot of you have probably created resolutions revolving around working out/getting in shape. I know for me, this resolution was always one I would start and find difficult to keep up throughout the year until I found a workout that I loved and worked for me. I remember I would always hear people talk about how you have to “love” your workout and to be honest, I thought these people were crazy because I definitely never loved a workout (it was actually the opposite. I dreaded going to the gym!)

Last year I started working out at a place called SPENGA, which is a combo of spin, strength training, and yoga. It’s similar to OrangeTheory (I’ve never tried OT but am guessing from what I heard) in that you do multiple types of exercise within an hour time period. I love Spenga more than OT though since I HATE running and can’t even think about running for 20 mins (just keepin it real. Running is NOT my jam.) My friends all know how much I love Spenga and it’s because it is always something different, so it never gets boring. Plus the instructors are 10/10, which makes going on a weekly basis way more bearable when you like who is teaching the class. I can totally see why people said before that you have to find what workout routine works for you because I have finally found what I love and what keeps me motivated.

While I am on the subject of what keeps me motivated, I wanted to share three tips to help keep you motivated if working out is a part of your New Year’s resolution. 😊

  1. The most important thing is to find something you actually enjoy (even if you HATE it when you are in it, cuz I don’t always love working out when it involves mountain climbers if ya know what I mean) !! Find a workout that has an instructor you really like, a workout class you’ve really wanted to try, a run with some new scenery. Basically any exercise that just makes you feel amazing afterwards. That is the BEST feeling and one of the main reasons that keeps me working out. I’ve never felt bad or regretted going after a workout. Keep that thought in mind when you really want to cancel that workout you signed up for.
  2. Another thing that helps me stay motivated is working out with friends. Whether it is people you know, or making friends with people at the gym/workout place of choice, it’s always better to go when you know there will be a familiar face there. Going with a friend also helps keep me (and them) accountable for going. Neither one of us want to bail on the other one so we both end up showing up and are always happy we went afterwards.
  3. Another thing that holds me accountable and keeps me motivated is going to workout classes (as opposed to a gym with intimidating body builders) and being able to sign up for classes on my phone. I love that I HAVE to stay accountable because I’ve signed up for a class and if I don’t show up I’ll be charged. That has really helped keep me going because I definitely have to think ahead if I’m not gonna show up cuz I sure as heck don’t wanna be charged when I could just show up and feel amazing afterwards (It all goes back to my reason #1)

Hopefully these tips help you to stay motivated and find a workout that YOU LOVE and works for you. 🙂 If you want to try Spenga, they have a bunch of studios all over the U.S. and are constantly trying to expand. I included a link above. Also in no way am I trying to push Spenga or am sponsored by them (although I wouldn’t hate it! 💁) but it is what has worked for me and I always want to share stuff I actually like. Anywho, sorry this is so long. Let me know if you have any other tips for staying motivated or if you try Spenga, I would love to hear from you!

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