Mike and I decided we weren’t going to do gifts this year for Valentine’s Day. I feel like this year, February just kind of snuck up on us and Valentine’s Day will be here in no time. I am all good for skipping out on gifts this year. I am working really hard for a trip to Hawaii for our 2 year anniversary (Hi Mike👋, if you’re reading this, let’s get to planning 😉) so if that mean’s I need to skip a gift for Valentine’s Day, I’m all good with that. I put together 5 items that would be on my list for Mike if we were getting gifts for each other. Hope this helps spark some ideas for your significant other.

#1 Yeti: If Mike and I were getting each other gifts this year, this is probably the #1 item I would get him. I got a Yeti for Christmas and ever since I’ve started using it, he always wants to steal it and use it for himself!! I’m definitely tired of sharing and I know he would get a lot of use out of his own.

#2 Trimmer: Every guy needs a good trimmer to take care of their beard/scruff. While we were in Miami, one of the guys recommended this trimmer.

#3 Earbuds: I bought some for Mike last year and he loves them and uses them daily. You really can’t go wrong!

#4 Apple Watch: This is another item that I think Mike is trying to steal from me. I really love mine for working out and think it’s really helpful for keeping me accountable on being active plus it’s nice to get my texts straight to my watch.

#5 Underwear: When I asked Mike what he would want if we were giving each other gifts, without hesitation he said “underwear.” When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with underwear 😂

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