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Happy Valentine’s Day!! I wanted to share a few ways that you can show YOURSELF some love this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Do something relaxing: Whether its taking some time to read a book, or going to get a manicure, find some time today to RELAX and not worry about anything other than YOU for at least an hour.
  2. Go workout: I know, I know. Sometimes working out really sucks, but nothing makes me love myself and the way I feel more than a good workout. If nothing else, do it for the endorphins you’ll be feeling after your workout
  3. Call someone you love (and share what you love about them!): Whether it’s your mom, long distance bestie, or that special someone, call someone and let them know how much you love them. While this holiday is alllll about love today, it’s always nice to hear from someone you care about.
  4. Take yourself out on a date: Whether you have a special someone to take you out or not, why not treat yourself to a date?
  5. Buy yourself flowers (or chocolate, or both 😉) Who says a guy needs to buy you flowers? While I love when Mike surprises me with flowers, buying myself flowers is one of my favorite ways to show myself a little love. *Pro-tip: Trader Joe’s has the best flowers that last the longest, cuz the last thing you need is to buy yourself flowers that die in 2 days.

Whether you’re spending the holiday with a hot date or your best gals, I hope EVERYDAY is surrounded by people who you love and who love you! Hopefully these little reminders of ways to treat yoself make this your best Valentine’s Day ever. I am so so thankful for everyone who reads my blog and love hearing all the positive feedback I get from people. Love you guys ❤️

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