If you saw my insta story a few days ago then you know I got a facial last week and it was AMAZING. I picked up a few products that my esthetician recommended for my skin, one of them being this facial oil. My skin is super dry, especially in this crazy IL weather, so I was really looking for something that was going to hydrate my skin. I’ve never used a facial oil prior to this and was strictly a moisturizing cream girl. I have to say, after my esthetician used this oil on my face, I could definitely tell a difference. My face just felt better and was glowing!

I like this oil because it’s really able to penetrate my skin, which helps it to stay moisturized throughout the day. With a lot of creams, I feel like I would put them and my skin would stay hydrated for a little while, but by the end of the day, it would be dry again. With the oil, though, it really absorbs into my skin and lasts. The smell is awesome too!! I’m big on smell, so the fact that it smells so floral-y is something I really enjoy. The oil also helps to fight free radicals and prevent premature aging, which I can definitely get down with (who wouldn’t want to prevent that stuff??) I bought the mini bottle (0.3 oz) to start with, which is like $24. I think this bottle is a great starter especially if you’re not sure if a facial oil is for you. There is also the bigger bottle which is around $64.

Thanks so much to everyone who gave me feedback for what they are looking to see on the blog. I truly appreciate it. I’m so so thankful for everyone who reads this little blog and takes the time to leave comments, feedback, etc so THANK YOU. 🥰

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