Hey all,

I wanted to stop by and share a super easy hairstyle that anyone can recreate (that is how EASY it is 😉). This braid can be done quickly but it looks like you put in a ton of effort. I did this braid a few days ago and I swear everyone thought I had gotten my hair done. Anyone I talked to couldn’t believe I had done it myself!

What You’ll Need:

  • Clear Elastics (I like these because one bag has hundreds of these little guys in it)
  • Bobby Pins (I use these because they blend in with my hair)

What To Do:

This braid can be done as one braid or as pigtails. It is totally up to you because they are both cute options! Either way you will do the same thing! (For pigtails split hair and do this on each side)

I start by wrapping a clear elastic at the nape of my neck. then I go about an inch/inch and a half down and wrap another clear elastic to make a bubble of hair in between.

I then split the bubble in half and pull the rest of the hair through the middle. I then pull the hair to create a more full effect. Continue doing this for the rest of the length of hair.

Once I get to my desired length of braid, I like to take the bottom of my hair and curl it with a curling iron.

If you’re like me and you are more of a visual learner (or if the above made no sense 😜), I have also included a video tutorial as well! Would love to see pics of you all rocking this braid so be sure to tag me if you try this style out!

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