A couple of weeks ago I asked you all on Insta Stories if you’d be interested in knowing what all I get done when I go to Levato Salon. I finally had a chance to compile all the details to share with you guys *This is a long post just FYI*

What I Get Done

The main thing I get done at Levato is fusion bond extensions. I have been getting the Tony Odisho fusion bonds for about 2 years. Originally I got them for my wedding because I wanted length + volume for my wedding day hair. I wore my hair down with a flower crown (I was going for a boho vibe that I wanted to accomplish with long hair.) Unfortunately, after cutting my hair to a short bob in high school I haven’t been able to grow it out as long as I would’ve liked. Enter hair extensions. They gave me the look I dreamed of for my wedding and it has been true love ever since.

I am pretty sure I get the 24 in. fusion bonds. I choose to get longer length extensions because I want a long hair look. They also have other length options. The awesome part about extensions, though, is they can be cut to match your hair length and can be colored to match your own hair color. This helps to make them look as natural and real to your hair as possible. I was honestly shocked the first time they put them in. I was convinced they wouldn’t be able to get the color to match my natural hair color.

Like I mentioned in THIS post, I have never colored my hair before. The Levato staff is seriously so talented though! They were able to make my extensions look so natural. In my opinion, I feel like my hair color looks even better with hair extensions because they take two different colors to match my natural hair color. It gives the illusion of highlights in my hair without having to color it at all.

My real hair with no extensions in

The Process

For fusion bonds, they start by applying them to clean, dry hair. Stylists take small sections of hair to apply the fusion bond. Each bond has this glue-like strip at the top. They heat this up to melt the glue around the small section of hair. The tool they use to heat the glue up looks similar to a straightener, but is safe to use on hair and does not burn the hair at all. Also, the bonds are applied near the root. As your hair grows out, so do the bonds. Hence why I get them changed every 4-ish months.

Applying the fusion bonds

Maintaining Your Extensions

In order to help maintain your extensions longevity, it is so important to take good care of them. The number one thing I do is I always sleep with my hair up. This helps to keep them from getting matted. It’s also important to brush them out. When you’re brushing them out, do this lightly so that you don’t tug on your real hair. When washing my hair I wash from the crown of my head to the nape of my neck to keep the extensions from getting tangled. I follow these steps and can usually get my extensions to last about 3-4 months before they get too grown out. It is also important to not keep extensions in for too long, otherwise the weight of the bond can tug on your real hair and may cause your hair to break.

Why I Get Them?

At first, I got extensions just for my wedding. Since getting them, I have realized how good they make my hair look and how good they make me feel. I love the length it gives my hair and how easy they are to style. Extensions just make me feel like me. I am all about doing things that make you feel like your best you! 🖤

Kristen at Levato is who does my extensions, but everyone at Levato is SO talented. I am so thankful that they make my hair look so good every time. I can’t recommend Levato enough, whether its for extensions or color (Can’t speak for myself on this one but everyone who comes in for color always walks out looking amazing!), or just a haircut. Be sure to let them know I sent ya!

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