I’m writing this on a Sunday night as I mentally prepare for the week ahead. If you’re anything like me, sometimes the Sunday scaries truly can not be contained. I think more times than not, though, there are a couple things we can do to help avoid that sinking feeling on Sunday night.

Prepare for the week ahead

Getting my act together for the week always helps me feel way more calm once Monday hits. Packing lunches, planning outfits, meal planning: these can all be done on Sunday to avoid that “Oh Crap” feeling on Monday morning. It always feels like a weight is lifted once these things are done. Does anyone else think Mondays are a cluster as it is? Might as well do what ya can to avoid making it more of a mess.

Don’t overplan

Anyone else feel like when they have too much to do on Sunday, it causes more stress for the week? I’m all about doing fun things and making the most of my weekend. Sometimes, though, I just need a lazy Sunday at home to check things off the to-do list. If I have too much going on during the weekend I find the stress leads to some Sunday scaries.

Find a job you don’t dread going to

OK, so obviously this one is a little bit harder than just getting some lunches prepped for the week. I think this one is the most important though. My girl, Maggie, always stresses how we aren’t stuck in any certain position, whether that be eating habits or job situations. and it’s true! Of course it takes time and effort to get a new job, but that is time well spent when you think about how much happier you’ll be in the long run. I spent years dreading going into work on Monday morning. Until I found a job that I enjoy going to each day.

I hope this post helped you start your week strong and ready for whatever comes your way! Do you have any other tips for keeping the Sunday scaries at bay? I’d love to hear what you do in the comments below 🖤

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