I got my husband, Mike, to guest write this blog post and share what his picks are for any boyfriend/husband/brother you may need to buy for. I figured who better to choose and write about gift ideas for men (and provide some laughs, too), than a man. Mike insists that this post should be read by your boyfriends/husbands, too, if they need some gift ideas!

1. Dress Shirt

These are the best fitting, non-iron dress shirts out there. They come in 3 different fits, and you are able to customize the type of collar you want, the length of the shirt, and whether you want a pocket or not. Feel like Brooks Brothers was the place to go for a non-iron dress shirt before Bonobos came around. Kick Brooks Brothers and their stuffy/old-man vibe (think Monopoly Man from Ace Ventura) to the curb. Bonobos is your new one stop shop.

2. Decanter

I bought this for a Christmas gift exchange I do with a few guys every year and I wish I woulda bought one for myself. Price is fair and has a classic look that won’t go out of style. Crate & Barrel is the best place to buy this kind stuff, way better than a Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Binnys or I don’t even know where else you’d go. This is the perfect addition to a bar cart or your kitchen counter.

3. Whiskey Glasses

I’ve seen a bunch of whiskey glasses on insta ads or being sold at places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond that just seem cheap and hokey. They have designs like a map of Chicago on them or the base of the glass is some mountain peak… huh? Hokey is right… just stick with a classic look, and grab these glasses that match the decanter.

4. Nest Thermostat

I thought we were in the trust tree, in the nest?…. Ya, ya are! Great addition to your house. You can manage the temperature in your house right from your phone. The thermostat uses eco mode when you are out of the house to help you save on your energy bills. It also learns your temperature preferences to make it all easy for you.

5. Tie

TieBar is the place to go for ties. Most ties are about $20 and they have a huge variety of colors and styles. What are your other options for ties? Go to Nordstrom Rack and sift through all the random options thrown together? Or go to a department store and buy a $60 tie? Na, just get this tie instead. $20 is the perfect price for a good-looking tie that you may not wear too often, but will sure come in handy when you need it.

6. Golf Course Coffee Table Book

File this under something to look through when your wife/girlfriend says “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.” Sure a coffee table book doesn’t come in handy all too often. But picture yourself waiting for your gf/wife and instead of mindlessly watching TV, you can thumb through this book, and make a mental checklist of the courses you want to visit with your buddies. “5 minutes” means 20 minutes minimum, so get lost in this book, relive those bachelor party memories on the course and do something other than watch some random college football game.

7. Sneakers

Clean, simple style. Machine washable so they won’t get ruined if you get caught in the rain. I went with the Tree Runners instead of the Wool Runners. Tree Runners have a more athletic look and the Wool Runners kind of look like slippers in my opinion. So there’s Allbirds, you have Bird Dogs, there used to be Cat Dog on Nickelodeon… ya, life can be confusing. Just go with my pick here.

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