Have I mentioned that this is my favorite season? I just think it is so fun to decorate our Christmas tree each year. I love reminiscing on all of the memories that each ornament on our tree brings. Now that we’ve moved, we have two trees this year. One “pretty” tree that is flocked and has a bunch of ribbons and ball ornaments. We also have more of a “hot mess” tree that is basically just an assortment of ornaments Mike and I have gotten since we’ve been together. I love our added pretty tree this year, but I will say that our hot mess tree is full of great memories and I can’t wait to continue to add to it in the coming years.

A ton of people have already started decorating or might be done but I wanted to break down where I got everything in case you wanted to add on to your decorations or haven’t even started decorating yet. I found a ton of items that are perfect for decorating your home but won’t break the bank, so you will still have money left over to buy gifts. Grab some hot chocolate, a cozy blanket and get comfy because this post is a little lengthy. 😝


Tree // Tree Collar // Gold Ribbon // Plaid Ribbon // Large Glitter Ornament // Disco Ball Ornaments // Small Ball Ornaments // Small Ornaments

Our pretty tree was a labor of love this year. I searched and searched for an affordable second tree. Who knew fake trees were so expensive?! I finally found this one. I love that it’s flocked and pre-lit, which saves a ton of time. Everything on the tree is from Hobby Lobby, but I was able to find similar items, which I linked above.

Tree // Tree Skirt // Blanket // Snowglobe // Fringe Pillow (similar) // Mini Flocked Tree // Bottle Brush Tree

This was Mike and I’s first Christmas tree together so it holds a lot of significance. Each ornament has its own meaning for our relationship. As far as the other decorations go, I love all of our fake mini trees and decided to clump them together like a little forest. I’m sure I will move them around a few more times, but for now, I love them all together.

Menorah // Mini Stockings // Advent Calendar

In case you didn’t know, I’m half Jewish, half Christian, so I have to represent my Jewish side this time of year as well. I wish there were more “Hanukkah” decorations so I could have an equal representation of both but it just seems like there is more Christmas decorations. As for our stockings, Mike and I just have mini stockings for now since we don’t really have a fireplace to hang them from. We also have a tradition every year with our advent calendar, which I did a whole blog post on last year. You can read more about our holiday traditions here.

That was definitely lengthy, but hopefully it was helpful if you are still decorating or if you just love looking at Xmas decorations! Would love to hear from you whether this was helpful or if you’d like to see more home decor things? Let me know!

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