Happy Monday! By now we’ve all been stuck in isolation for at least at week (if not longer) and I wanted to share some quarantine essentials that I’ve used daily. All of these items I’ve found to be ESSENTIAL for my own social distancing (& sanity!)


I purchased this bra during one of Nordstrom’s recent sales and boy has it come in handy. I know a lot of us ladies are probably not wearing bras if we don’t have to during this time. This bra is buttery soft, though, and feels like you’re not wearing anything. It’s a great alternative to wearing a sports bra (which is what I was wearing prior to purchasing this) because its much softer and the perfect amount of coverage without being uncomfortable.


Cuddling up with a good book during this time has helped my mind a ton. I’m currently reading Little Fires Everywhere and am loving it! I’ll be doing a book review soon with some books I have recently read so I will definitely share more about this book then. I’m hoping to watch the new series that just came out on Hulu once I’m done with the book version. Reading has definitely helped to keep my brain somewhat sharp in between all of the Netflix binge watching.


I’m loving this brand of sweatshirts lately. They are light, cozy, and perfect for lounging around the house. Plus, how pretty is this lilac color?! It’s giving me hope that spring will make its way here soon.


This is the time for all the self care! Throw on this mask while cleaning the house or watching tv. I recently got a sample size of this and fell in LOVE! It’s super hydrating and can be worn a few ways. Either as a mask or I’ve used it as a moisturizer and mixed it with my tanning drops. Can’t recommend this mask enough. It’s a little pricey but truly leaves your skin feeling hydrated afterwards.


When you’re ready to change out of pj pants or joggers, these are the leggings I have been gravitating towards. They make me feel somewhat dressed up (lol) and double as my workout wear when I do my work outs from home.


Like I mentioned above, I’ve been trying to work out daily. It’s helped my sanity and helps me start my day on the right page. I have found it’s better to workout on a yoga mat, rather than on the hardwood floor. I’d recommend getting weights but they are literally sold out EVERYWHERE. I had to personally hunt down a set of weights for myself. So at the very least, get yourself a yoga mat, put on a workout video on youtube and get your booty moving.

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy at this weird time. The more people stay inside the quicker this will hopefully be over. 🤞🏻 Would love to know what some of your quarantine essentials have been. Let me know below!

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