So I’ve had this one pair of denim for a while now that i had been meaning to get tailored. Unfortunately, I never did. Given the current state of the world, I decided to get crafty and cut them myself. I figured they’d be cute with a little frayed end. Plus it would save me some $$ and give me something to do during this quarantine. I went ahead and recorded the whole thing step by step. My hope is that this can be a resource for anyone who may be in the same boat as me. It was relatively easy and I’m happy with how my jeans turned out in the end. I’m also happy I can finally wear them, too!

Here are the steps to successfully cut your own jeans up to get that frayed look at the bottom. I’ve also included the video I made to help as well!

Step 1: Fold up bottom of jeans to desired length.

Step 2: Take scissors & cut at the bottom of the fold.

Step 3: Unfold & cut across

Step 4: Follow Step 2 & 3 on other leg

Step 5: Fix uneven legs

Step 6: Fray ends using the edge of your scissors

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