Ever since quarantine started I’ve been trying to organize every inch of our house that I just threw stuff in when we moved. Since we literally have nothing but time on our hands, I figured I might as well put the time to good use and organize what I never got around to organizing when we first moved in.

I started with under the sink in our main bathroom. I wish I had taken a “before” picture to show you. It truly was a hot mess of random crap thrown in. It was hard to find anything when I needed it. There was medicine that was well past expired. It just wasn’t a good use of space.

Where to Start with Organizing

First, I started by pulling everything out. It was a pain, but I had to take everything out in order to organize items & throw away things that were expired. Then, I grouped things that had similar purposes together. For example, Medicine went all together. Products I use daily and will want to be able to easily grab went together. Then I put random stuff like extra toothbrushes together.

How I Separated Everything

Products I use daily I put on this lazy susan. Let me tell you, it has been a game changer. I love how easy it is to get to the products I need without having to take items out or spend time searching for things.

Medicine went into this container. I like that it’s clear and I can easily see what’s inside. The handles make it easy to take out if I need to go through it, too. Overall this organization just makes finding what I need EASY, which is the whole goal of organization, right?! If you have limited space, these clear bins are stackable so you can save space but still be able to see everything in your cabinet.

For all of my other junk like extra toothbrushes and things that I don’t grab on the daily I purchased one of these stackable drawers to maximize space. I purchased this one just based on the dimensions of our cabinet, but I prefer the look of this one and the fact you can still stack things on top.

Wow. Ok sorry that was so long. I wanted to make sure I was as detailed as possible in case you are hoping to start this project in your bathroom as well. Hopefully this gives you some motivation too if your bathroom cabinets need some work. You can totally do it!! Let me tell you, it feels GOOD once they are all organized, too! Good Luck on all the organizing and be sure to tag me on insta if you end up organizing your own bathroom cabinets! I’d love to see. 🙂

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