Since quarantine started, I’ve done a ton of shopping on Amazon because of it’s convenience. Here is what I’ve found the last few months that I would recommend to you. The selection is a totally random assortment of items but I hope you find something you’ve been in need of 🖤



So one & two go together since it is the UV light + polish colors. I originally bought this because nail salons were closed. After trying it out multiple times I’m really happy with both the UV light & color choices. I will say that I’ve noticed the colors only last about a week. I’m not sure if that’s because of user error (I’m nowhere near professional and still get the polish everywhere) or if it’s because it’s from Amazon. It is a good substitute though if nail salons near you are still closed or if you just want to save money.

It includes the base coat, a bunch of polish options and then the top coat so you don’t have to use the same color over and over and you can try out a bunch of fun summer colors. The UV light works well and is totally worth the money.


About 3 weeks into quarantine I had the WORST sore neck/pulled muscle. I’m still not sure what exactly it was but my neck hurt SO bad. I couldn’t get a massage because places were obviously closed. I tried different “exercises” to relieve it, rolled on one of those foam rollers, but nothing was working so I splurged and purchased this. Mike and I both love this and have used it a ton. It definitely helped to relieve my sore neck and is just nice to have in case either one of us feels like we have knots. Definitely worth purchasing, especially if you’re someone who gets sore muscles often or works out and wants to use this to relieve muscle soreness.


I’ve seen everyone talking about blue light blocking glasses, so I decided to order a pair. I love this style and think they’re so cute. When I was younger I actually always wanted to have glasses (so so thankful now I never actually needed them) so these are a great compromise on that wish. 😂 Full transparency- I have no clue if they are actually doing anything but I’m hopeful they’re actually blocking the blue light from my computer screen since I’ve been on my computer WAYYY more now with all the E-learning going on.


I originally saw this when @Dressupbuttercup shared it. I needed something to help exfoliate all my spray tan off. This has been the golden ticket!! It works so well at scrubbing everything off! It’s basically like sandpaper (although it’s actually some sort of cloth material). It gets allllll the dead skin off. Even if you don’t need this for getting a spray tan off, it would work well to just exfoliate your skin to get the dead skin off every few weeks. Definitely would recommend if you are in need of a heavy duty exfoliator.


I’ve disliked our guest room sheets for years now. Mike has had the bed/sheets we have in our guest room now for years so they are super outdated. I decided to hit up Amazon to see if I could find any good duvet covers. I decided to just go for a simple white so that it would go with whatever decorations I decide to put in there since I’m currently working on making the guest room more aesthetically pleasing.

This duvet was super affordable and came with 2 pillow cases as well. They also had a bunch of different colors and a few prints as well. These are super soft. Since our guest room isn’t used all that often I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a duvet that won’t get used (plus why are duvets/sheets so expensive???) If you’re in need of some affordable sheets would definitely recommend checking these out.

Hope you all enjoyed my latest Amazon finds. Will definitely continue searching Amazon for more useful finds but I’m wondering if you all have found anything good on Amazon worth sharing? Let me know bc I’d love to check it out!!


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