Another one of my many quarantine projects was freshening up my lower level bathroom. It was just a plain Jane since we had done nothing but paint when we moved in. With nothing else to do (#QuarantineProbz), I decided to spice it up with some decor and give it some personality. I also tried to repurpose things I already had around the house to help get the vibe I was looking for.


Here are some pics from before I freshened the bathroom up. Like I said~ it’s just super boring and plain.

Adding Dimension

I knew I wanted to put in a shelf to add some dimension and be able to add decor to. It’s freaking hard to find a shelf. I literally spent weeks trying to find one that I liked and that wasn’t super expensive. I made sure to read reviews about the difficulty level in installing the shelves, too. You wouldn’t believe how many look nice but then get bad reviews saying they are difficult to install. I wasn’t here for that! I’m happy I didn’t settle on just any shelf. I’m so happy with this one I ended up purchasing. It actually came as a set of two but I only ended up using one. I’m sure I will find another spot to use the second one at some point.

Decor Details

Once I had the shelf up, came the fun part!! I was able to add some decor! I ended up repurposing the faux lemon plant I had. Here is a similar one in case you are interested. I found this inexpensive frame (I got the 5×5) and ended up just printing out the saying that went inside. SO SIMPLE!! Who needs expensive artwork when you can just create your own.

Although we don’t use the shower in this bathroom, I knew I wanted to add in a bath rug as well to warm up the space. I found this one and love it. Something about the tassels and the pattern is so cute! I actually bought a different rug at first that didn’t end up fitting (I ended up using it for my upstairs bathroom) and found this one randomly. It works so well and even Mike loves it.

And because I think a bathroom should smell good (bc we all know what’s going on in there) I added this diffuser. I’m obsessed with the scent and love that the blue & gold goes well with the rest of the look.

After totaling everything up all my decor & additions only came out to a little over $100. I love how it turned out and am just impressed I was able to completely change the vibe with just a few additions. Overall, I love the Mediterannean-esque feel it gives with the blues, gold and lemons. So cute!

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