Remember when we use to have to get our pictures developed to see what they looked like?! I never print pictures out anymore BUT this nifty little guy would make it a whole lot easier. It’s bluetooth enabled and would be perfect if you enjoy scrapbooking (or want to make one!)


Don’t let this “cup” fool you. It is actually a sanitizer + charger combo. It uses UV light to sanitize 99.9% of germs off your phone. Would be perfect to use to charge your phone at night so it can get rid of all the germs while you sleep.


Mike and I both love this thing. Originally I bought it in March because I pulled a muscle and could not get any relief. This came quickly and worked like a charm for me. Mike loves it now whenever he is feeling sore. It has a bunch of different attachment heads and explains what each of them is for. It comes in a convenient carrying case, too, for easy storage.


Perfect for the family member who isn’t on social media but still wants to stay connected and see pictures. This would be great for grandparents so you can easily share new pics of their grandchildren with them right to the frame.


Another item I own and love. If you own a house, I can’t recommend this enough. It gives us such peace of mind since we can easily view everything from our phones through the app.


This is another gadget we love. This thing can play music, recommend recipes, tell you a joke- it basically does everything. I love that it shares the most recent news stories each day so that I can stay in the know, as well.

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