Originally I put this mini fridge on here because its perfect for beauty products that you want to keep cool (think jade rollers to de-puff, Vitamin C to keep potent, and masks to keep them cool). The more I think about the other uses, though, the more I realize this fridge is perfect for wayyy more than just beauty. If you’re a teacher it’d be perfect for keeping drinks cold in your classroom or it could be storage for extra breastmilk if you’re a new mama. It can warm as well AND it’s portable. This little guy does it all. So many uses for so many people and it comes in a ton of colors, too!


Who else loves having their nails done?! It just makes me feel more put together. This gel manicure set has everything the beauty lover in your life needs to leave them feeling polished (😉 ) and ready to take on the day.


How cute is this little beauty blender washing machine?! Yep, you read that right- a washing machine for your beauty blenders. Just throw them in with some soap and let them go for a little spin.


I recently bought this because my pregnancy acne was out of control. I wanted something to get into my pores and just help clean my skin better than simply using my hands. After having used it for over a month I really like it and have noticed my skin looking MUCH better. This brush has a bunch of different settings so you can get the kind of clean you are looking for. I also like that this cleansing brush has a handle, whereas some cleansing brushes are tiny and do not.


I own 2 out of the 3 products in this set and love them. This would be the perfect set for someone looking to start a skincare routine but isn’t sure where to start. The jet lag mask is a cult favorite and can be worn as a mask or just as a moisturizer if you need some extra hydration. The Vitamin C serum is perfect for brightening your skin. I haven’t tried the lip butter balm but it sounds like it would be perfect for dry chapped lips and if its anything like the jet lag mask, I’m sure it’s super hydrating.

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