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I’ve been meaning to write this post for MONTHS. It’s crazy how quickly this pregnancy has gone by! I’m finally sitting down to write about our gender reveal only a few weeks before we have our baby shower. Better late than never, I guess!

I wanted to make it a point to share about our gender reveal, though, because it really was so special, even if we weren’t able to have as many people there to celebrate due to Covid.

We celebrated our gender reveal back in October, when I was 17 weeks pregnant (feels like forever ago!) We ended up doing early bloodwork to find out baby’s gender instead of waiting until our 20-week appointment.

How We Found Out

When I was planning the gender reveal, I had truly planned on being surprised. However, life had other plans. I ended up getting an alert on my MyChart (the app used for my doctors appointments and tests) about my bloodwork. In addition to the gender, we had done some other bloodwork. I had been told we’d receive a call and asked if we wanted to know the gender or if we’d prefer for it to be mailed in an envelope that we could later pass on to a friend for our gender reveal. I figured that the MyChart was just information about the other tests. However, at the very bottom of the results was our baby’s gender: BOY.

I was truly shocked. With all the old wives tales I’d read, I thought FOR SURE I was having a girl. Looking back, I’m happy Mike and I found out just the two of us instead of in front of everyone. It was nice to be able to know what the secret was and surprise our family and friends instead.

How We Shared The News

We were able to have close friends and family come over to our home to celebrate outside. We announced the gender of Baby OToole by using powder cannons that shot out blue powder and streamers. Another reason I’m glad we knew the gender already, is because I was able to soak in everyone else’s surprise and excitement since I already knew what color was going to come out of the cannon. Afterwards we celebrated with pizza and salad. We even had a blue/pink candy bar and some sweet treats made by my mom.

I’m so glad we were able to share the special news with our friends and family in a time where it has been difficult to share special moments with others. This little boy has already brought so much joy. We can’t wait to meet him so soon! 💙

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