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I’m so excited to finally share Bodie’s nursery. I’ve taken so much pride in decorating his room and making it exactly what I envisioned. Since finding out we were having a boy, I knew I was going to do something different for Bodie’s nursery. I really wanted his room to feel cool and fun and make it something he could grow into that wasn’t too “baby-ish”.

Decor Details:

Wallpaper // Glider // Acrylic Bookshelves // Stool // Picture Frame // Sound Machine/Night Light // Rug

Thank goodness for Instagram- I got so much inspiration looking at different rooms. I found a ton of different aspects that I wanted to incorporate into his room. First, I started off by choosing this wallpaper which led to creating the overall vibe of his room. I’ve never wallpapered a room before (I still haven’t because thankfully Mike and my brother did the hard work of putting the wallpaper up 😉) but I can definitely say I love a wallpapered room. Now that they make easy to remove wallpaper like this one, I want to wallpaper every room!

Decor Details:

Wallpaper // Glider // Rug // Crib // Mattress // Baby Blanket // Personalized Name Sign // Stuffed Animal

Once I had chosen the wallpaper for Bodie’s room, I knew I wanted this crib (we got shade white/natural) and this glider (in cream). Both are super neutral and can fit into any themed room. The crib has the option to turn into a toddler bed which is nice to have. This glider is the best, too. It has buttons to recline (Like the seats at the movies) and has a USB port. Both features are so convenient and part of the reason we chose this glider.

Decor Details:

Wallpaper // Glider // Crib // Mattress // Baby Blanket // Personalized Name Sign // Stuffed Animal

After I had the big pieces picked out, I worked on finding accent pieces that went along with the nursery. I saw a similar rug to the one I purchased but it was $$$. I ended up finding this rug that was almost identical to the more expensive one but at a wayyyy more affordable price.

Decor Details: Rug // Changing Table // Adventure Sign // Born to Be Wild Banner // Diaper Bag

Our Lake Louise poster was one of the first art/decor pieces I knew we’d incorporate because of the sentiment behind it. Mike and I got the poster on our first anniversary trip to Lake Louise/ Banff, Canada. (I wrote all about our trip here.) The poster had sat unframed for 2.5 years so this was our chance to finally hang it up. I love the way it looks in the nursery and Bodie seems to enjoy it as well because he will stare at it when he is being fed.

Since we were using the Lake Louise poster, I decided to go with an “Adventure” type theme for the rest of the artwork. I found the “Adventure” wood frame here and the “Born to Be Wild” banner here. Both fit the neutral vibe of the room while still being cute for a little boy.

In addition to the other decor, I knew I wanted Bodie to have a name sign, so when I found this site with a ton of different options I knew it was the winner. Once we had decided on the name, I ordered the sign since I knew it would take a bit to be made. I actually had to keep it in it’s box for a few months because I didn’t want to accidentally give away what the name was if friends/family wanted to peek into the nursery.

I love the way everything came together in Bodie’s room and can honestly say it is my favorite room in the house. Before Bodie was born, I would spend my free time just hanging out in the glider. (I swear it is the comfiest. I can’t recommend it enough!) Now that Bodie is here, I’m so happy we can enjoy his room together.

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