For this holiday gift guide, I thought of some of my favorite products that any girl on your list would enjoy. I swear by all of these products and hope they bring joy to whoever you are buying for.


This hairdryer is definitely a splurge but so worth it. It used to take FOREVER to blow dry my hair but this helps my hair dry so quickly. Plus, it prevents heat damage since it regulates the air temperature making it better for your hair than typical hair dryers.


The best blanket. I know I already mentioned this one on this gift guide, but it truly is the best and so worth the money.


Another one of my favorites. I have worn this jacket for years now. (I even have a blog post dedicated to this jacket here.) This would make a great gift for the trendy girl in your life or a mom who needs all the pockets this jacket offers.


I completely realize we are nowhere near sandal season (unless you have a trip planned somewhere warm, in which case I am very jealous.) These are worth putting on your wishlist now so that you have them ready to go once spring hits.


This bag is the BEST. It fits everything you need and is easy to just throw on and go. They also make this in a fleece version


If the lady on your list needs a new curling iron/wand, this one is it. I have owned it for years and swear by it. I love that you can control the temperature. It’s very user friendly and easy to use.


A great gift for any age. Silk pillowcases have a ton of benefits, one being they help prevent damage to your hair that can be caused by friction with regular pillowcases.

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