Hey there! I know I already shared this to my instagram stories over the weekend, but I wanted this to have a permanent spot on my blog as well, so that it’s something that can be referred back to.

Above are some ideas for advent calendars with your kids. When I was organizing the events by day, I tried to put events and experiences that require “more effort” on the weekends when I have more time. I also added in different events we already had planned. The best part about YOUR advent calendar is that you can make it however you’d like. Incorporate whatever you already have going on for the holidays into your advent calendar! It will make it easier on you and just as fun for your kids!

I tried to add in some donations and acts of kindness so that the advent calendar isn’t just receiving gifts & fun events. As Bodie gets older I want him to understand this is a season of giving back as well.

Something else I did for our calendar this year is made “Opening Christmas PJ’s” the first thing we do on December 1st. I know some people’s tradition is to open Xmas jammies on Christmas eve to wear that night, but I wanted Bodie to be able to wear his PJ’s all season long. Again, totally up to you! I tried to plan ahead and buy any supplies we would need so I’m not scrambling last minute. Hopefully these ideas are helpful to you!

If you have any other ideas for advent calendars, I would love to hear them! Please share them below in the comments!

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