Robot Vacuum

This vacuum has been a great addition to our home. We actually have two! Aside from it being a fun toy for Bodie to play with 😜 it is nice to be able to turn this guy on and let it run if we want to easily vacuum without having to do any work.

Herringbone Wallpaper

Can’t recommend this wallpaper enough. It would look cute in so many different rooms. I’m a huge fan of this peel and stick kind of wallpaper, too. This seller has a ton of different prints too, if the herringbone style isn’t your jam.

King Pillows

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared these pillows but they are THE BEST. They are so luxe feeling (and looking) but still affordable. They come in a bunch of different colors so they would match any decor. We have these in our guest bedroom, but I wish we had them in every room. They are the kind of pillow that is cute for decor but also functional (I could totally fall asleep on these, that’s how soft they are)

Always Pan

I bought this for my mom for the holidays and now I’m jealous and want one. It’s such a beautiful looking pan and I love that it can replace all the other pans in your kitchen.

Area Rug

This retailer always has the best sales on stylish rugs. We never had any rugs when we lived in our condo and then we added some in our home and it has made such a difference. Our home feels so much more cozy and welcoming now. If you’re wanting to change up your space or make it feel more inviting, I definitely recommend getting one of these rugs. So many different styles and usually they have a sale going on so you can get them at a great price!


I talked about this crib in Bodie’s nursery reveal post (You can read the post here) but I love the neutral look of it. In addition to the crib, this mattress fits perfectly inside and has given us peace of mind when it comes to Bodie’s sleep. If you’re a first time mom, or becoming a mom again, I can’t recommend this crib + mattress combo enough.

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