Happy New Year! I hope you all are having a great start to 2023! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post but my goal for 2023 is to try to be more consistent (We’ll see how it goes once there are 2 kids around here 😅)

I went back and looked up all the things that were popular that I shared in 2022 to round up and share for you all. Here were some of the most popular items I shared last year and for good reason! These are some of my favorite items!

Stanley Cup

The hype is real with this cup! It keeps your water ice cold (my ice lasts forever!) and it’s huge (I have the 40 oz but there is also a 30 oz, too), which is great because I don’t have time during the day to refill my water.

Personalized Bracelet

Cannot wait to get another one of these with Baby Girl’s name. The sweetest gift for someone else or to yourself!

Little Sleepies Pajamas

The best PJs. Come in baby/kids and adults. So soft and lots of cute prints for boys and girls.

Photo Banner

Used this for Bodie’s first birthday (you can see all the fun we had here) and it turned out great.

Birthday Hat

We got Bodie this hat for his first birthday party (They also have hats for baby’s 6 month birthday too!) and they are the best and so cute! Tons of different color options as well!

Baby/Kids Lover Boy Sweatshirt

So cute for Valentine’s Day coming up!

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