It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog post but I wanted to jump on and share my quick and easy summer makeup routine. Now that I have 2 little ones, it can be hard to do my makeup and get ready so quick is key when doing my makeup and getting out the door on time! Most of these products I’ve been using and loving for years and swear by them! The best part is all of these products can be found at Ulta where they have free standard shipping on *ANY* order over $35!

First and foremost, I love a good self tanner as a base for the rest of my makeup application. Having a tan, without the sun damage, just makes me my makeup look the best in my opinion. Plus like I said, with 2 kids it can be hard to just sit by the pool and get some sun! This self-tanner has been my tried and true for years. I love that it gives instant color as soon as you apply so you always know if you have missed a spot. I always purchase the “dark” version, but I’ve also used “medium” and they both apply well! Tanning my hands is always the trickiest part of self-tanning but this bronzing water makes it so easy. Just spray a couple mists on your hands and you’re good to go. I always apply my self tanner before bed so when I wake up I’m nice and tan.

Once I’m ready to apply my makeup, the first thing I always do is apply sunscreen. This Glowstick Sunscreen makes applying sunscreen so easy (the best part about this product is it’s so easy to apply to kids as well!!) Once I have my sunscreen on, I swipe on this concealer to brighten up my under eyes (very necessary when you have a baby waking up in the middle of the night!) Next, is this bronzer to bring out more of that sun-kissed look. Once I have my bronzer on, I always like to use this blush. It comes in so many beautiful colors, making it the perfect blush for any skin tone. Then, I go in with this brow gel to shape and give some colors to my brows. Finally, I go in with this setting spray to keep everything looking good even in the hot summer heat.

I know this post is super lengthy, but I swear this makeup routine takes less than 10 minutes to complete so I’m able to get out the door and enjoy all the summer activities with my little ones.

What makeup products do you swear by for summer? Let me know in the comments so I can try them out!

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