Happy Thursday! Hope your week is going well! Mike and I are headed to Miami this weekend for the #Abramavato wedding. I can’t wait to see two of my fav people get married this weekend and am so excited to check out Miami for the first time!

I wanted to drop in before I leave to share a few ways to wear an all black outfit. I know there can be the idea that if you wear all black it is like you are going to a funeral, but I think it can be so chic (and slimming 😉)!! Plus, I feel like all black is the perfect outfit for the colder months.

When I started planning for this post, I wanted to come up with all black outfit ideas that were chic, but that REAL people would actually wear. I actually have worn all 3 of these outfits this past week, whether it be to work or to go workout. All black outfits are so versatile and I find that different black pieces can be styled so many different ways.

I love a good black sweater like this one or this one with black jeans. These black jeans are my favorite because they feel like you aren’t even wearing jeans (seriously!!) I think this outfit would be cute paired with some leopard flats like these. They add such a pop and make an all black outfit more interesting.

Another all black outfit that I wear to work or going out is some black leggings and a long turtleneck. To me, this outfit is perfect for the gloomy and cold winter weather because of how warm it is, but still comfy! I love these leggings and think they would pair so perfect with this turtleneck sweater because it is long enough to cover your tush. Pair with some tall black boots and voila, you’re ready to go.

The last outfit idea is one that I would probably wear all the time if I could because the comfort level is 10/10. I would pair these same leggings with this workout top and then because it is way too cold currently to just wear a tank top, I love this pullover for over it. Add some sneakers and you are ready for the gym or to go run some errands. I actually just wore almost this exact outfit to go to workout the other day and it’s a typical Saturday outfit for me because I can easily run to Target to pick things up or just lounge around at home.

Hope that helped you guys to come up with some ideas for new outfits. I know these dreary winter months it can be hard to bring myself to come up with different outfit combinations. Sorry this post is so long 😬 I always tell myself I will be short and sweet with these posts and then end up writing so much. Oops! Alright, well I am off to go finish packing for Miami (haven’t started yet and we leave in less than 24 hours!!). Hope you all have a fun weekend! Can’t wait to share all about Miami!

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