Happy Monday friends! I wanted to do an update on my lash lift and tint since it was one of my most asked about blog posts. Now that it has been over 8 weeks since I first got it done, I have more insight on the full process from beginning to end. I do want to share that this is my own experience, and how long it lasts, how your lashes fall, etc may be different for everyone.

How long does a LL&T last? My lash lift & tint lasted a little over 8 weeks. I noticed that some of my lashes started to fall and my natural lash color was starting to show around 8 weeks. I do still have some lashes that are still perfectly curled though!

Do all your lashes lose their “lift” at the same time? Like I said above^ not all your lashes ‘fall’ at the time. I noticed that the lashes on the middle of my lid started to fall before the rest of my eye. I still have some lashes at the end that are perfectly curled and lifted but many of my lashes have lost their ‘lift.’ Some lashes still have a curl at the end but have grown out.

Where did you go? I went to Levato Salon & Skin Lab in Hinsdale. A lot of you guys know, but Levato is my one stop shop for all things hair and skin. I can’t recommend the staff enough and the owner, Ashley, is one of my favorite people. ❤️

Do you need to wear mascara with a LL&T? NO! That is probably one of the best parts. Getting ready is SO much easier without having to curl and put mascara on. It also makes taking off your makeup so easy! (anyone else dread taking off their mascara?)

Did you lose a lot of your lashes? Nope. You shed the same amount of lashes that you normally would. I think the only reason I noticed my lashes had fallen out was because they were darker than usual.

What happens to your lashes after the 6-8 weeks? So like I said above, your lashes will begin to fall/they wont be lifted and you will also notice that the new growth of your lashes will show your natural lash color (for me, it is a light blonde color, so it was very noticeable against the stark black that they had been dyed). Your lashes basically go back to how they were prior to the LL&T.

Would you do it again? YES! I would go and get it done again a million times. I am going to wait until before spring break so it looks fresh for my vacation but I am wishing I could go and get it done right now!

Hopefully this helps to answer some of your questions you may have had. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment. I can’t say enough good things about this process and think it is the perfect thing to do if you are going somewhere warm for spring break!

If you want to check out my original lash lift and tint post, you can find it here.

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