Outfit Details: Dress // Heels

I originally posted this dress on insta and I got so much positive feedback! I wanted to share this dress here as well in case you missed the insta post. Although I didn’t end wearing this dress (this is the dress I chose), I am definitely trying to find an event to wear this dress because it is STUNNING! 😍

First and foremost, this dress is a STEAL! It is under $30!! I mean, how many high quality dresses have you bought that are under $30?! The material of the dress is a little thicker. It is such great quality and isn’t going to fall apart.

The high neck and wrapped look are what make it so beautiful, in my opinion. The high neck just makes it look classy, ya know?! The wrap feature with the shorter fabric underneath is great, too, because you don’t have to worry about anything being exposed.

This dress also comes in a ton of colors! You could literally buy this dress in every color and wear it for every season’s event you have! 😜 As far as sizing goes, make sure to use the size guide that they have. I ordered a large, which said it was like a size 6-8 (which is my usual dress size.) The size guide definitely helped and made it easy to choose the right size for me.

I can’t say enough good things about this dress and am looking forward to wearing this dress soon. Hope you all have the best Tuesday! I’ll be soaking up the sun since it is one of my last days of summer.

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