I know I have raved about this blanket multiple times but it’s truly a great gift and something that I personally use every single day. It is worth the money because whoever you buy this for will use this blanket (and possibly fight over it) all the time.

2. Holiday Spatulas

How cute are the spatulas? These would make a cute gift with the mixer below or even as a gift topper.

3. Mixer

This is one of my favorite items we received for our home from our wedding. I’ve used it a ton for baking but also think these mixers are a great focal piece for a kitchen. Definitely a splurge, but could be a great group gift!

4. Makeup Mirror

I use this mirror every day! I love the different light settings it has and it also comes with a magnifying mirror and phone holder. It’s also a great gift for someone who loves to travel because this fits nicely in luggage and isn’t super bulky.

5. Bucket List Book

I love a good coffee table book that includes ideas for places to go. Coffee table books help to add a little personalization to a home. This one has a ton of different bucket list items so it’s perfect for the homeowner that also loves to travel.

6. Cheese Board

If you’ve been following me on insta lately, I’ve been big into charcuterie boards. This one is perfect for any homeowner to own because the slate board is a classic style and can be utilized year after year. It’s also a great size for making a cheese tray or full on charcuterie board.

7. Portable Speaker

Mike got this speaker randomly and it’s actually been a huge lifesaver. It’s perfect for playing music throughout your house for get togethers and is also portable so it can be taken outside, on camping trips, or basically wherever someone would want to listen to music.

8. Mug

How cute are these mugs?? You could go with someone’s first initial or their last initial (would be especially cute if they just got married/engaged.) Plus the tile look is very chic. Plus, these mugs won’t break the bank and can be paired together with other items.

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