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So you’ve probably heard all about the infamous “Amazon coat.” It was everywhere last winter and made its way onto Oprah’s list of favorite thing’s this year. I decided to do some ‘research’ (aka test it out myself) to figure out if it truly lived up to the hype.

For reference, prior to purchasing this coat I only had a Canada Goose jacket, which I love. My CG does the job as far as keeping me warm during the freezing winter days. I definitely didn’t need another winter jacket, either, but as someone who is dedicated to their craft (😜), I felt the need to buy and test it out. After some thorough research, my conclusion is this jacket is definitely worth it. Here’s why:

The Price

First and foremost, the price of this jacket can’t be beat! It’s under $150 and worth every bit of that price. After looking up more well-known outerwear brands jackets, most will set you back at least $200, if not more. The jacket I owned prior to my Canada Goose was one of those more well known outerwear brands and I never felt like it was super warm. The feathers came out of the jacket and by the end of its life it seemed like there wasn’t many down feathers left. The Amazon jacket is definitely warmer than that previous jacket.

All The Pockets

This jacket has a TON of pockets. Like, so many. Perfect for moms who have to hold a ton of their kid things. It’s also great for the girl who has a ton of stuff! I haven’t used all the pockets yet but they will definitely come in handy as the winter progresses.

Well-Made Design

Everything about the jacket was very well thought out. There are zippers up the sides to give you more room. It also has a sherpa lined hood, which is perfect for keeping your head and face warm when it’s freezing outside. It comes in a bunch of colors and sizes range from XX-Small to 5X so literally anyone can wear it. They also make a kids version, too. which is super cute. It even has cuffs at the end of the sleeves, which I appreciate (especially when it snows) so that the cold/snow doesn’t go up your jacket (if ya know, ya know.) I can appreciate all the little details they included to help make winter slightly more bearable.

Overall, they definitely thought of everything when it came to making this jacket. Having owned a Canada Goose and now this jacket, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, this one is where it is at.

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