Lots of random Amazon finds recently but I had to share them with you because they are all so good and I’m genuinely so impressed with all of them!


When I purchased this I was searching for something to fix our hair in the drain problem. Who else can relate?! It’s a serious problem around here and we have tried everything! We’ve tried a bunch of similar products and none of them have worked. Hair would still get into the drain and we’d have to fish it out (🤮) This has FINALLY solved this problem. It works so well and catches all the hair. They also send you 5 in a pack! Aside from using it in your shower, they can also be used in your kitchen sink to catch food and crumbs you don’t want to go down the drain- so smart!


I’m seriously in awe of this lighter. It is a flameless lighter and can be charged with a USB cord. Never again will you be in the middle of lighting a candle and it runs out of the gas inside. This lighter is seriously magic. It is also child-proof because there are two steps in order to make it “light” Making it safe for households with kids, too. I have been lighting all the candles in my house just to watch it work- that’s how much I love it.


Purchased these shoes randomly (cuz let’s be real, I don’t need any more shoes.) These are Gucci dupes and look almost identical to the real thing at a fraction of the cost. The rose gold stars & backing are such a cute touch, too. Cannot wait to wear these into spring with some shorts.


I’ve been using these for a month or two and I love them. I felt like regular wash cloths were too rough on my skin. I wanted something a little gentler. With my regular cleanser, I wet the washcloth and take the cleanser off. They take everything off so well! They are so soft, dry quickly, and wash really well, too.

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