If there is one thing I’ve been trying to keep relatively normal through all of this, it’s been my self tanning routine. I’ve barely put on makeup or done my hair, but you better believe I’ve stayed consistent with my self tan. Being tanned has been the one thing that has helped me feel “put together” in all of this.

A lot of people have said to try to do your hair and makeup to help feel some sort of “normalcy” during all of this. For me, though, that normalcy has come from keeping my tan.

I wanted to share the products that I have tested and have come to love. All of these products I have been using for weeks (if not years.) I truly believe these are the best of the best.

Tanning Drops

I love these drops for my face. I’ll admit I don’t really use them on my body because I have found other products that I can apply easier on my whole body. The color that these give on my face is my favorite. For these drops I use shade medium for a natural look. I mix it with this moisturizer and apply all over my face, neck, and ears at night. I wake up the next morning with a perfectly even tanned face.

Tanning Body Butter

To say I’m in love with this body butter would be an understatement. It gives such a good color to your skin, is easy to apply, and comes in a set with the tanning drops. I definitely recommend this for anyone who is wanting to test the waters with self tanning since it is easy for anyone to use. Like with any tanning product, be sure to go easy on hands and feet since those are areas that the tanning stuff will “stick to” and it will appear darker. If you’re looking for a deeper tan, you could also add the drops to the body butter. It’s not necessary, though, since the body butter gives a good color on its own.

Tanning Mousse

I recently started using this mousse a few months ago and fell in love immediately. You can clearly tell where you have applied the mousse because it goes on with a bronzed color. I use shade medium and it gives your skin a very natural color. It doesn’t look orangey at all. To apply this mousse, it is important that you get a mitt. It makes it so much easier to apply and it goes on evenly this way.

Hyaluronic Tan Drops

I’ve talked about these drops before but the thing I love most about them are that they have hyaluronic acid in them. Hyaluronic acid is great for skin elasticity. These differ from the other tan drops I use because you don’t have to mix them with moisturizer. You just apply however many drops you want directly on your face. To deepen my tan and still get the hyaluronic acid, I’ve been using these drops first and then using my other tan drops + moisturizer on top.

Body Blur

This is my favorite tanning product to throw on, when you don’t have time the night before (or you forgot) to apply self tanner. I use shade “latte” because I feel like it looks the most natural for me. There are a ton of different color options, though. This instantly gives you color. As long as you wait a few minutes for the product to dry it does not rub off on your clothes at all.

Hopefully this helps if you’ve been wondering about which self-tanning products would be best for you. I’m constantly getting compliments about how tan I look and I credit it all to these products because how how well they work!

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