Hello Ladies!! I’m back from my glamping getaway and so exciting to share all the details with you. I know I shared a little bit on IG stories but I also got a bunch of questions on IG stories so I wanted to make sure to answer those here as well.

I can’t say enough good things about my glamping trip at the Fields. from the tent, to the ambiance, to everything that was already thought about so that I didn’t have to. Everything about our stay was amazing.

When I tell you I am not a camper by any means, I truly mean it. I hate sleeping on the ground, using communal bathrooms and just being uncomfortable in general. This was NOT that type of experience at all. It was basically like staying in a nice hotel that just happened to be surrounded by nature.

The Fields of Michigan is located near South Haven, Michigan which is about 2/2.5 hours away from where I live in the suburbs of Chicago. It wasn’t a super long road trip at all. Mike and I stopped after about an hour to grab lunch on the way so it didn’t really feel like we were in the car that long at all.

The Fields just opened last summer, so this is only their second summer in business, but you would think from how well thought out everything is it’s been up and running for years. When I tell you they thought of everything, I truly mean it. Plus the owner, Irene, is amazing and so kind. She makes all her guests feel special and makes a point to chat it up with everyone. She is just so sweet.


Inside each tent there’s a king sized bed and full bathroom set up~ sink, shower, & toilet. I cannot even describe how soft and luxurious the bedding was on the bed. I climbed in the first night and kept telling Mike I loved how luxe the bedding was. There is also a stove (to warm you up at night) and an AC machine as well as a fan. You can add on a rollaway bed, too, in case you need another bed for someone.

Everything within the tent was well thought out to help make your stay as easy and enjoyable as possible. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were all already in the shower and they had the softest towels, so no need to pack any of those items. Plus, the cute details in each tent helped to create an awesome ambiance. I’m pretty sure each tent has a different “theme.” Ours had a boy scout type theme that was super cute.

Outside of each tent there is your own campfire that they light for you each evening. They will even bring you s’mores to roast by your campfire too! There is also a yeti cooler outside each tent for drinks.


Someone had asked if you need to pack your own food and/or cooking items and the answer is NOPE! Breakfast is included with your stay and it is GOOD! Again, anything you could think of or want, they have.

As far as lunch and dinner are concerned if you let them know ahead of time there are certain meals each weeknight for dinner, but there are also restaurants in town that you can eat at. Or right now (with the COVID situation) you can do takeout and bring it back to the Fields.

The first night we ended up just having dinner there and it was so delicious. We had Italian and everything was thought of~ we had a charcuterie plate for an appetizer, a salad, our main course (pasta 😋) and then dessert. I actually ended up having double dessert because they have the most delicious pie there and I NEEDED to try it, bc why not?! The second night we got food from a local South Haven restaurant and just brought it back to our tent. We actually asked the owner, Irene, if we could have a little table outside our tent to eat at and of course she delivered. Mike did go out and get a few snacks to have in our tent, but truly we did not need them at all.


Once we got to the Fields, I truly just wanted to relax. The bed was so comfy I literally didn’t need to do anything else while I was there. We ended up going blueberry picking, which they have on site, so no need to go somewhere else and pay to pick. The blueberry fields (bushes??) are huge so there are plenty of blueberries to pick!

Before your stay, Irene sends you a whole list of activities you can partake in while you are there. Some of the activities include sailing, biking, renting a boat, or wine tasting. So there is plenty to do to satisfy whatever types of activities you’re into.


I believe the cost depends on when you book/how many nights/ etc. It is definitely on the pricier side, but SO SO worth it. I looked up the dates and it appears there are still some available in early fall, so I’d recommend booking now since it looks like they are booking up quickly!

Mike booked our stay sometime in June since I had asked to go for my birthday present/anniversary gift. With everything going on with COVID, though, I think this is the perfect getaway since it’s outdoors and people are naturally able to socially distance themselves. So I have a feeling that is why it has booked up so quickly. Like I said before, if you’re thinking about booking, I’d recommend doing so sooner rather than later.


Each tent is within a couple feet of you, however, there are trees/foliage in between to help give some privacy to each tent. The windows of the tent along with the “doorway” of the tent can be closed at night for more privacy.

I never felt like our “neighbors” were watching us and we had people staying in the tents on both sides of us. Honestly, it just felt like one big community. Everyone was super friendly and nice and kinda just went about their own business. Plus with social distancing happening, everyone kept a safe difference from one another.

Hopefully this helped answer your questions! if you have any more, feel free to leave a comment below! This was probably the only trip Mike and I will be taking for a while but it was so great that I’m not even mad about it.


  1. Barb Benjamin
    July 22, 2020 / 6:25 pm

    That looks wonderful. I’ve never wanted to go
    Camping because of the privacy\ bathroom situation. Closest I came to this was in Door County in a cabin on the beach.
    How were the bugs?

    • skyelarotoole
      July 26, 2020 / 3:36 pm

      I hate camping for the same reasons + I don’t like sleeping on the ground. They spray for mosquitos and I never saw one while I was there. Usually I get bit up whenever I’m outside but I didn’t at all on this trip.

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