Prior to pregnancy I used to be one of those people who vacuumed all of the time. Then, as soon as the nausea hit me, I stopped vacuuming and was focused solely on not puking. I’m sure once baby gets here, I won’t have as much time for vacuuming either, which is why I’ve had my eye on this robot vacuum. Anything that is going to clean without me having to think about is a win for me (I’m sure many moms will agree!) This one has great reviews, too!


Since bars are basically closed, this bar tool set would be perfect for anyone who enjoys a cocktail. This set would look so pretty on a bar cart with the marble base and gold tools.


This book is truly for the homebody who loves to stay organized. Give this book + some cute organizing baskets and a bottle of wine- The perfect housewarming gift for someone who just moved!


Love how big this candle is and the driftwood look. Would look perfect in anyone’s home.


How pretty is this gold set of dominoes? So fancy!!


This bright neon connect 4 is 😍. Would make a great gift for anyone who loves to have game nights.


Who doesn’t love a good mug? I thought these were so fun and I love the positive message on them. They’re bright and cheery, too, to help wake you up in the morning.


The BEST coffee table book. I bought this book last year and it’s still one of my favs. It has the most beautiful pictures in it and livens up any coffee table.

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