I asked Mike back in November if he would put together a men’s gift guide since it was a huge hit last year. It took him almost a month to actually do it but here are his picks in case you’re still struggling to find something to buy for the guy in your life. Enjoy the blurbs he wrote about each item, too. If nothing else, hopefully it brings you a little laughter.


Wanting a jacket but don’t want to follow the crowd and get a Patagonia like everyone else.  Hmm Carrhart, I know I’ve seen those hats, but jacket? Ok, perfect, I’ll be the trendsetter this pandemic (holiday) season.  Start the winter with a quality jacket that doesn’t show your true basic-ness, and will be sure to turn heads ( heads that are likely wearing Carharrt beanies)


You’re working from home, you haven’t showered, you have your morning coffee. Every days the same, rinse and repeat. Well, minus the rinse, since you no longer shower. Why not make your lunch special? Give yourself something to look forward to at lunchtime and put this panini press on your wishlist.  Make yourself some fancy paninis, sandwiches, quesadillas-The possibilities are endless.


Remember how cool going to Sharper Image was back in the day? Nostalgia sells guys.. With this massage gun you can relieve your aches and pains, your general pandemic stress, and end the day in a relaxing way. Being able to sell your spouse on actually using it on you: not included.


As you struggle to talk about anything halfway meaningful with the guy that got paired in your group, add this classic talking point to the list, “Ohh man, I heard Costco was getting sued by Titleist for these PROv1 knockoffs” Meh. Pick up these comparables for half the price and with twice the number of balls.  You’re going to lose them in the woods, anyways.


Sure, why not?  You probably don’t own a robe already, and yes, it might not get much use.  But it’s kinda fun to wear one when you’re staying at a hotel. And since you haven’t been to a hotel in a while, bring the hotel to you. 

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