I asked you all a few weeks ago on Instagram what some necessities were to pack for my hospital bag, what you wished you would have packed but didn’t, as well as what you packed that was a waste of space. All the feedback was so, so helpful for what I should pack for when we go to the hospital. With everything going on with Covid, it doesn’t sound like our stay will be too long so I knew I didn’t want to pack too much, but I wanted to have everything I need to still be comfortable. Mike won’t be able to leave once we are there, so even though we don’t live too far from the hospital, we’ll need to have everything with us when we go.

Below is what I’m packing in my hospital bag + I’ll share some other noteworthy items that people recommended bringing, too!


I love these because they are super soft and there’s a ton of fun prints to choose from. I also packed one of these knotted gowns that will be easy for diaper changes. I’d definitely do the PJ’s over the gown for a going home outfit, though, so that it’s easier (& safer) to put baby in their carseat. Both of these brands for baby clothes are the best because they’re so incredibly soft.


Equally as important to a going home outfit for baby, is what mama’s going to wear. I’ve seen a lot of people talk about these PJs but wasn’t sure if they would live up to the hype. Let me say they 100000% do. They are soft like butter and are nursing friendly. I also bought this nightgown version of them because I figured I probably won’t want to wear pants right after giving birth. The nightgown version is the same material and still button down making it nursing friendly. Definitely would recommend either of these (I packed both!)


One of the most exciting parts about having baby will finally be announcing his name. I purchased one of these wooden name discs with his name that will also share the rest of his birth info. You could also do a letter board to share baby’s info. If you are doing the wooden disco, though, make sure to pack a sharpie or pen.


Something you all recommended was to pack my own water bottle. I usually don’t leave home without my Yeti anyway but thought this was a great suggestion because I really only like to drink out of this since it keeps my water cold for long periods of time.


A robe is something that was recommended as well, similar to the PJs, I wanted something that was going to be soft and nursing friendly. Mike actually got this robe for me for Xmas. It’s so silky soft and even has pockets.


An extra long charging cord is another recommended item from you all and I couldn’t agree more. I bought this charging cord a few months ago and even if you aren’t pregnant/about to give birth, it is LIFE-CHANGING. It’s so long and is just super nice to have over the chargers that come with your phone.


Last but not least, I packed this blanket. You all recommended bringing comfort items with so I already made sure this blanket is in my bag ready to go and I’ll throw my pillow in when the time comes.

A Few Other Items I Packed/ Were Recommended

+ Chapstick – This is one of those things that you regret when you don’t have it so I definitely threw that in my toiletries bag along with my toothbrush & toothpaste.

+ Hair-tie/ Headband – Will definitely want to put my hair up at some point. I figured the headband would be cute for pics because even if I’m a sweaty mess it’ll make me look more put together 😂

+ Slippers/Comfy socks – People recommended slippers, but I love a comfy sock with the grips on the bottoms so I opted for those. I figure anything to wear on your feet is better than being barefoot.

+ Nursing Tank/Bras – I plan on mostly wearing PJs. Just in case (and for going home) I packed these nursing bras I talked about a few weeks ago on Insta. (You can get 25% off with code 25SKYELAR)

+ Swaddles

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