I’m back!! And with gifts. (kind of) Having a baby is no joke. As much as I have missed blogging, it’s been nice to take a break and focus on watching Bodie grow. Plus I haven’t really known what to post about since a majority of the time I am wearing sweatpants and no makeup. That alone makes it kind of difficult to find any inspiration.

With the holidays quickly approaching I wanted to make sure I shared gift ideas for everyone on your list. I realize I may be a little late for some of you who have gotten a head start. My hope is these gift guides bring you ideas and make holiday shopping easier. I tried to be thoughtful about each item. I’m starting with baby because mine has been the one whose been relatively easy to shop for (even though I could give him a cardboard box and he would be equally happy!)


This is the “big” gift we are giving to Bodie this year. He has gotten to be very mobile and can scale all around our coffee table, so I figured it was time to get him a walker since he seems like he is very ready to be on the move. I love that this one also has other features to it as well, even if your baby isn’t fully mobile. It doesn’t hurt that this one is aesthetically pleasing too.


This is one of the few toys that Bodie doesn’t get sick of. Not sure what it is about Sophie but he loves this giraffe. If you or someone you know is expecting a baby or you have a baby but don’t own this yet. I highly recommend.


This is the other toy that Bodie does not get sick of. We can turn this little guy on and Bodie will immediately be interested in playing with him. This truly keeps him busy. It also “grows” with your child at different stages whether your baby can move or not. This is another toy that is worth the money.


We were in need of some bath time toys. I love that these don’t have the holes in them (so there’s no risk of them becoming moldy.)


Love this name puzzle. There are a ton of different color options and there is also an option to add images to the puzzle as well. This is such a sweet personalized gift that would be good for the holidays (or a birthday!)


We love this book series! They are perfect for babies since they are quick to read


This is like a pop it but for babies? I also got this for Bodie for Christmas because I saw they had something similar at daycare that he plays with.

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