This post is way overdue! I wanted to make sure I shared some of my 2021 Favorites for clothing and accessories. These are just a few of the things that I noticed were a huge hit with followers and that I love as well.

Heart Sweatshirt & Joggers

I mentioned this in my 2021 Bestsellers post but this combo I posted last year was a hit and it’s back again in a sweatshirt/jogger set. I wanted to make sure I shared it again as well since it’s the perfect “night in” outfit for Valentine’s day.

Amazon Coat

This has been a favorite of mine since the beginning of 2020. I’m SO happy this coat hasn’t gone out of style since it truly is one of my favs and the jacket I gravitate towards most in the winter. I wrote a whole post about this coat (You can read it here) so I won’t go into how much I love it again, but just know it is a good one and you won’t regret buying it!

Paperbag Pants

I wore these a few weeks ago and I had a ton of people compliment them. They’re one of those pairs of pants that were just sitting in my drawer and I randomly rediscovered them and realized how great they are. So comfy and chic. They will definitely be in a more regular rotation in my wardrobe.

Belt Bag

The best!! I could rave about this bag for days. I have convinced so many people into getting this bag because it really is SO good. Fits so much, but still small and easy to throw on. It doesn’t hurt that belt bags are in and make you look effortlessly cool (but they are actually way more convenient than carrying a big purse around).

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