I had posted on IG a few months ago that I was looking for recommendations on an injector for Botox. It’s been about two months since I went in and I wanted to share all the details.

*I recommend doing your own research prior to getting Botox. Write down any questions you may have, so you can ask them ahead of time.

I ended up going to Images Medspa and had a fantastic experience. My injector was very knowledgeable and approachable with the questions I asked her. I can’t speak to if this is common practice everywhere, or if this was just something that my injector did, but I had a follow up appointment 4 weeks later so they could check how everything looked once the Botox had settled. I’m very appreciative that they wanted to check my progress and I wasn’t just another forehead they were injecting.

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my forehead before Botox and now. My injector did say that it will take a few appointments before my wrinkles have smoothed out . The subtle difference just from this first treatment has been huge so I’m excited to see what another session will do for me. I definitely feel like my forehead looks smoother and shinier, like the light is bouncing off of my forehead.

I know Botox is not for everyone and that is totally fine. Everyone should do what they feel comfortable with and what makes them feel their best. For me, I had been wanting Botox for a while and felt very self conscious about how deep the lines in my forehead were even though I’m still relatively young. My goal was never to change my face, but rather get rid of and prevent any future lines. I definitely think I’m on the right path to doing so. I still look like me, but with less lines (and who wouldn’t want that?!) Again, if you’re thinking about doing Botox, make sure you do your research, write down any and all questions you have so that you are as informed as possible when making your decision.

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